Monday, March 31, 2008

Sight and Sound Canvas

Here is a shot of the canvas I started at the Sight and Sound party last week.( click image for larger version) Added some fill and a Homebase logo.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Kids, Hub, Base, Chili, Grip , and Skin

If your down with 20" bike rims, hipster references, and deep base driven dope talk, The Cool Kids are playing TONIGHT at Lehigh University's Lamberton Hall at 10:30. ( I actually like the CD I have by them but it only has 8 songs on it so I don't think the show will go too late, they are fun though so let me know how it goes.) 
  In other well reported news stolen from PO ( I promise to break off some more inside info whenever I get it) There is a store/ gallery opening April 5th called The Hub that "is to have a unique location to handle fashionable clothing, affordable prices..Local artist a 1600 sqft 2 story store and gallery" there is appaerntly also going to be a video premiere.( I can only assume from the name Hub it might be a BMX video?) 
  Well, Here is some of that breaking news I was talking about, A quick email exchange with Mr Kyle Keck exposed that the opening of The Hub is actually APRIL 4th , the video premier will be a local BMX video filmed all over the place, and their first exhibit is by a artist named Joe Seksa, they will also be accepting donations for the SkatePlaza at the premiere, so bring yo' bills.  The Hub "is to have a unique location to handle fashionable clothing, affordable prices..Local artist a 1600 sqft 2 story store and gallery" Check'em out.

    HomeBase will be reopening in the new digs at 14 W. 4th St. on April 10 with special sales through the 14th. Be sure to stop by the old shop one more time on Monday to get a chance to open your heart over what Homebase means to you and the chance to be apart of a filming for a future film project. Bring Tears. Homebase will also take part again in the Chili cook-off on Spring on 4th street where the Homebase crew will be skating a demo with Source bike shop. There might also be some live painting by GianCarlo going on throughout the day! 

  On Saturday April 19th There is the BACKED IN BLACK II Griptape Group Art Show  at the Sterling Hotel's Yes Nightclub. There is still time to get some grip and join in the fun, so tell all your artist friends and have a ball!  All are Welcome to submit, We can use all the help we can!

   I cannot over look the april 5th skin hosted, 1614 art show at the Tattoo convention.  Art and Dj fun. I hope everyone a successful and exciting TatCon.


Friday, March 28, 2008

Sneaker Talk to Pass Some Time and a SKATE VID !

Well,I don't work for any sneaker or skate companies that are flowing me some inside scoops, but I will try to find some info thats falling through the cracks and pass it on. First off and maybe most surprising is Jordan Brand"Flipside" division has leaked info that there will be a skate shoe released designed off of the historic Jordan III . This video , which is long and filmed on a cell phone, claims at the end that they sat with Stevie Willams ( DGK? No More? Guess diamonds are not always forever) and others to learn about street skaters needs. Well see what comes out of it. (from If you really want current sneaker news your not checking here first anyway, I do what I can.

  If your down with design and sneakers of epic-hype proportions, check Hypebeast, This might be for you.

And now our feature sneaker presentation (until the link gets shutdown) , Nike SB's Nothing But The Truth. ( I suggest skipping the acting, unless your trapped somewhere)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wha Choe Doing?

David Choe is one of my favorite artists I never met (I can't even recall seeing a original in person) but I want one of these decks! Looks like Sam Flores, Choe, London Police, (someone else), and Jeff Soto painting a hundred skateboards!

 Anyone have any info on where these decks went?


If your not familiar with David Choe , here is a good introduction from a (hopefully someday  released)documentary.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Lehigh Valley Artist Network is about to gain some cyber-space. Stay tuned.


Fun With Food

Play with your food more.

BACKED IN BLACK II: MOB Brand GripTape Art Show/ Fundraiser

Welcome to Nono Blog. This is my first official post so lets get it jump'in! There is so much going on right now I barely know where to start. The second edition of the Backed In Black griptape art show is building up right now. THE SHOW WILL BE SATURDAY APRIL 19th @ the Sterling Hotel All ARTISTS INTERESTED IN JOINING SHOULD CONTACT ME NOW!! Last year was the underground start, this year will be more refined, including new features like heat and a bartender (both glaringly missing last year). Just contact me or go to Homebase and cop one, rip it, and return it to help bring some awareness and raise funds for the future SouthSide SkatePlaza! You don't want to be at the show asking why you didn't get a sheet to rock, NOW IS THE TIME!

Spring is Here! Sight & Sound Spring Fling

Friday was the first day of Spring (did you go to Rita's ?) and Friday night was Audio Dynamikz and HomeBase 's first spring party SIGHT & SOUND I was invited to do a live painting exhibit while Dj's; Cap Cee , Express, and Sweetlife, killed the six turntable set-up. I spent the day prepping my canvas for the night and still didn't finish it by when the party had to wind down at 2 AM. Big Thanks to the Audio D Crew and HBskateshop for keeping me up, and a very big thank you to everyone that stopped by my desk to say hello. The Finlandia was flowing (I'm feeling it today) , the Audio Dynamikz/ODD /Homebase crew rep'ed another great party for the Valley, and I had a great time. I hope to finish the painting sometime soon but till then here are some flicks stolen from MikePanic and Sight and Sound Album,more photos there.

Audio Dynamics
Unkle Skelly

Matt picking pockets as usual 

We all know Po is as smooth a dancer as he is at front boards, but what fun are those photos on this blog? Shake it Playboy!
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