Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Uncanny

The Uncanny Crew ( Ceazer Glombgold, Ghetto, JO, Jim Kelly, and Hellfire production) have been in the lab, on the net, and on the stage the last year and the out come sounds tight. I have been able to hear the latest release and its impressive to see where they've come and to hear where they want to go. Look forward to the CD release , video for "Your Trash" and website drop as well as a rumor of possible EPs with accompanying collectable comic books. The Uncanny is sticking to the plan while putting their own spin on it. Don't just support "local" hip hop, support independent music of all types everywhere. This one just happens to come from the Valley.

Untill the site drops, stop out and see them at St.Nicks on Allen st in Allentown on April 2nd with UG ( you better not need to ask who UG is. 2 words, Cella Dwellas.) at 9:30 sharp.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm still wondering who is the Grape Soda email that got the Plaza on YWS?

Grape soda will kill you.

Not fast.

True, not like suicide will.

Depends, If your using grape soda for suicide, then it's about the same length of time.

tomato, tornado.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Homebase Field Ops

The Berrics came out to Bethlehem to help shine some light on Homebase and help spread the word of the Plaza and the importance of voting EVERYDAY

Check out the Homebase Field Ops here

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Six Pack Attack.

This was for a show called "Cereal Killers" a couple years ago. The theme was obviously breakfast, and I chose to do my interpretation of the single serve sample packs I loved getting as a kid. There are Coco NoNo's, NoNo Loop's, Mello's, Cheapies, and all your favorites. All held together with plastic six pack rings.

Click for larger

Sight & Sound:Round 3

This Saturday marked the beginning of spring as well as the THIRD year of Audio Dynamikz "Sight & Sound" party. The crew was out skating and coppin the free Rita's. Colbert , Gary , and I were at the warehouse prepping the easel for the nights party. And what a party it was. There were over 2000 people in the place, Kurtz grew a stash after holding the marker for a minute, lots of girls dancing wild, and Im pretty sure at one point Colbert had his hands up in the air yelling at the top of his voice every time I saw him. We locked our corner of the dance hall down and did the thing. Fun night, Thanks to Cap Cee and the Audio Dynamikz Crew for holding me down, and Colbert for helping me get up.

Check year one here

Check year two here

Funk was feeling the scene


at one point, Colbert passed out, but only for a second. Then it Waaason again!


Mune and Andy

We knocked an hour of painting out in about 45mins. The dance floor got too packed to keep painting and Security was bummed on the canvas so we cleared it out and joined the party. I didn't even get a proper flick of it before we swept it up but as always it was a blast to be apart of, thanks again to everyone for their continued support. I got your backs.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Vote EVERYDAY: Special Guest Post

My name is Andrew Po, owner of Homebase Skateshop and advocate for the Bethlehem Skateplaza. I apologize for the mass e-mail instead of reaching out to you personally.

I am reaching out to you, your organization, brand and/or website to ask for your support to help us win a $250,000 grant from the Pepsi Refresh Project. Your assistance would cost you nothing except some of your time. For those who aren't familiar with the Pepsi Refresh Project it is Pepsi's way of giving out the money they would have spent on Superbowl ads to projects that better the community.

For the Bethlehem Skateplaza it would mean opening the full version Phase 1 of our skateplaza by Summer 2010 (See attached image) as well as putting a large amount of funds into the bank for Phase 2. Phase 1 would be approxamitly 3/4's of the 43,000 sq foot project which would provide the local skateboarders- young and old, a safe, legal and quality place to persue their passion. As well as providing us as location to hold regional contests, skate lessons for the younger generations and a reason for touring pro teams to travel to Bethlehem while on the East Coast. The skateplaza is definitely opening this July but how much of it is still in question. This Pepsi Refresh grant is our biggest and best way to raise a large amount of funding before our Grand Opening deadline to build as much as possible in Phase 1 to provide the best possible facility for the skateboarders here.

After the first day of voting our project got as high as 3rd place out of over a 1000 projects on the site. We've slowly dropped to 7th place currently and I feel its mainly because our core group of voters forget they need to vote daily. To supplement our core voters I am trying to reach out to the skate, BMX, "action sports," music, streetwear, fashion and all industries that overlap with the skateboarding culture to help us expand our voter base. We can still get into the 1st or 2nd spot by the end of the month to win a grant but I really need some support beyond our own area.

Here's how anyone can help:

1) Visit, register an e-mail account and once you are signed in, vote for our project.

2) Please try and vote daily til the end of March. We have til the end of the month to get into 1st or 2nd place to win the $250,000 grant.

3) Please spread the word to your friends, family, co-workers, school and so on to try and get other committed voters.

How a website/blogger can help:

1) Please use the information in this e-mail to make your own post about what effort to build the skateplaza.

2) Re-post the flyer I have attached and please link it up to

How a brand, organization, school or company can help:

1) Please spread this information to your co-workers

2) To help promote the skateplaza and your brand, let's work together to make a collaborative product that benefits the skateplaza. It can be sold at Homebase, on your online store or any other retailer. I would like to follow the (RED) business model and have essential skateboard products at the shop that can help the skateplaza when purchased. I understand there are production costs, minimums and license issues but if you are open to brainstorming on how we can work together- please contact me. Even if it were just producing a sticker or hang tag to attach to your normally produced item.

Collaborations seem to be the best way in our industry to double the promotion and exposure of a product, event or cause. They also get added free exposure on other websites and blogs which is something everyone can use. I don't expect a handout from anyone in this economy but if we can work together, make some money, donate some money to a good cause and get some exposure- how is that not a win-win?

3) Please help us connect with trusted online and print media. Most of your brands and companies work with magazines like The Skateboard Mag, Thrasher, Transworld, Complex and websites like, Hypebeast. Some brands and organizations have their own websites that have grown into powerful platforms to reach large amounts of people as well.

A quick posting about our cause good get us thousands of votes. A short write up or interview could help get us even more. I'd like to thank the brands and sites that have already done this for us as well.

Links to key skateplaza information & history:

A 3-D Fly Through of the Bethlehem Skateplaza.

A History of the Bethlehem Skateplaza: From lobbying, groundbreaking day to pouring cement.

Quotes from Mayor John Callahan comments on the Bethlehem Skateplaza.

How the City Council and community helped save our project.

The Bethlehem Skateplaza Facebook Fan Page

Follow The Bethlehem Skateplaza on Twitter

I know there are a lot of causes right now that need people's support and each is valid in their own right. I appreciate any support you can give our cause. Please contact me if I can answering any more questions or if you would like to discuss any sort of event or product collaboration. The Bethlehem Skateplaza is a good cause but if supporting this can also help your brand or organization grow as well- that's even better.

Thank you so much.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I could look at you forever.










As tempting as it seems, would you really want to touch these?


I was wondering how this place made money, but they are selling $1 for $5, so they're cool.

Monday, March 1, 2010